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There are plenty of hotels in Cavtat Your choice of accommodation for your stay in Cavtat should be dictated by your personal travel budget, but also by your own interests.

The experience of enjoying Cavtat, fine cuisine and service while surrounded by the wonders of the Adriatic makes Cavtat the ultimate destination.

Whether you're looking to rough it or relax in style, Cavtat can cater for every taste, budget and personal interest.


About Cavtat

Cavtat is a town in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County of Croatia. It is on the Adriatic seacoast 15km south of Dubrovnik and is the center of the Konavle municipality. The English language pronunciation is "Tsav-tat".

Cavtat Tourism

Cavtat Beach

The natural beauty of Cavtat's surrounding countryside and turquoise water of the Adriatic have made the city an internationally popular summer vacation destination. In Cavtat there are unique bays, beaches, submarine areas and rich vegetation. Numerous bars and restaurants line the waterfront, offering everything from cheap pizza to more expensive local specialties: the Cavtat is a good as any, with a repertoire from simple pasta dishes to succulent fresh fish.

Due to its beauty, natural as well as man-made, its rich history and its Mediterranean climate which just invites you to ease you mind, relax and savor the moment, this little town that in supreme tranquility rests on the slopes of the southern coast of Croatia has become one of the most sought after European tourist resorts.

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